We provide Garden Design service facility for our clients, where we design beautiful gardens for you. These landscapes are attractive as well as extremely enjoyable spaces of your property. Different types of landscapes are offered by us depending on the requirement and the budget of our clients.

What We Design ?

  • . Public Landscapes / Garden
  • . Industrial Landscapes / Garden
  • . Residential Landscapes / Garden
  • . Garden for Commercial Hubs
  • . Podium Garden
  • . Road side Gardens
  • . Vertical Garden
  • . Terrace Garden
  • . Balcony Garden
  • . Kitchen Garden
  • . Potted Plants Arrangement

The Design Process

Understand Needs

The users are typically you; your family, your employee and visitors, and each have their own needs. There are five things to consider: 1) how do you currently use the land, 2) how do you want to use the land,aesthetically, how do you want it to look, 4) what is your maintenance style and 5) what is your budget. We can meet on your site and discuss about your thoughts, ideas and feelings regarding your landscape, your uses and what you are looking to accomplish.

Understand Site

A thorough inventory and analysis of the site is important to determine the environmental conditions for plant growth and the best use of the site. Issues of concern include the soil type, sunlight receiving, availability of water, existing vegetation, topography, and regional climate. Drainage should also be noted and all drainage problems corrected in the proposed design. A good design will move water away from the site and re-route it to other areas of the land.

Creating Diagrams

The yard is an extension of the home, building, office and factories where a variety of activities take place. According to the various activity garden area should be divided into the various section like Pathway, Lawn, Children play area, party area, setting area, vegetable area, maintenance area, flower beds, shade area etc..

Selection of Plants

From a design perspective, plant materials have three major functions in the landscape. For these reasons, the types of plants to be used (such as trees, shrubs, or groundcovers) should be chosen in the early stages of planning. Plant types are chosen for their functional capabilities so that their future purpose and required space can be considered at the same time.

Highlight Important Points

Important points in the garden should be highlighted by the use of unique plants, distinct structures, or garden ornaments. Like Arch at entrance of garden, Gazebo at setting area, introducing water features, Other important places in the yard are focal points, which is used to visually organize a landscaped area. The type of focal point often depends on the viewing perspective. Different perspectives or viewpoints can reveal different compositions in the landscape that may require a variety of focal points. Contrasting texture, shape, size and color will capture and hold the eye.

Designing other factors

This includes designing of pathway, lighting system, layout of Irrigation system, Fencing, Gate, Maintenance area etc.

Making final layout

  • . Layout Of Landscape With 2D Draw
  • . Design Of Irrigation System
  • . Lighting Design
  • . Designing Of Hardscape
  • . Exact Quantity Of Garden Material
  • . 3D Illustration Of Landscape
  • . Detailed Cost Estimates


We are a full service green interior and garden design company. We take pride in developing schemes that are creative, stylish and individual across both residential and commercial sectors.



From Hotel to bungalow Green Art built many Artificial Plant Arrangement to the highest standard. Here is a small selection to click through for inspiration.

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Green Art have the pleasure of Plantation with fresh new planting schemes, designed uniquely for the Hotel owner. Here is just a small selection for inspiration.

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Our Planting Arrangement scheme provides a different view at every residential or commercial Space. Here is a small selection to click through for inspiration.

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It’s not just about the plants! The Planters are as important to create the look for your planting scheme. Click through this small selection for inspiration .

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Our planting scheme, lighting, pebbles decoration provides a different view at every Space. Here is a small selection to click through for inspiration.

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